Water Well Drilling Machine



We manufacture drilling machines with different working capacities. 300-500 and 600 meters working capacity, We manufacture drilling machines with a working capacity of 800 - 1000 and 1200 meters.

The quality of the material used in drilling machines is very important. Pump used in machinery manufacturing, chain box, rope winder, water nozzle, transmission and other parts must be of good quality. In addition to the materials used in the drilling machine, quality workmanship is very important. When quality materials and master craftsmanship come together quality drilling machine emerges.

Mast; Mast Load Capacity: 50 tons, Mast Pipes Diameter and Thickness Mast square profile 80x80 thickness 6 mm

Dimensions of the Mast; Length : 14 m from rotary - Rear Width :1.00 m – Height : 1 m, ground clearance of mast is 2 m

Engine; ONE diesel deck engine will be mounted on the rig, Deck Engine is 361 or 429 hp, Deck Engine is IVECO, Engine Transmission is 90 ZF and Clutch Plate diameter is 42 cm.

Draw - Works; Two piece–Mechanical double drum draw works will mounted abreast (side by side) on the rig, Drums diameter is 580 mm, Brake Drums diameter, Each drum has 5 pcs Gear tooth facings, These Gear tooth Facings outer diameter is 480 mm, thickness is 16mm & number of teeth is 75, Draw-works hook load capacity 40 tons

Swivel; Swivel load capacity is 50 tons, Swivel Pipe diameter is 3”

Kelly Bar; Kelly bar is 4 corner, Kelly bar length is 11 m and Kelly bar width is 120 mm – 120 mm, Pulley blocks of Kelly bar are with 4 wheels and 8 ropes, Pulley blocks of service are with 3 wheels and 6 ropes

Mud Pump One Piece 6x8 Mud Pump will be on the Rig, Mud Pump Flow Rate is 1550 lt/min, Mud Pump Suction Line diameter is 4 inches and discharge line diameter is 3 inches and discharge pipe outlet diameter is 1.5 inches, Length of Discharge Hose is 10 meters, There will be one piece -5 inches Valve and 6 meters- 4 inches water suction hose- with Mud Pump

Centrifugal Pump; One piece SP3 Centrifugal Pump will be mounted on the Rig. Centrifugal Pump water Suction Line diameter is 4inches and discharge line diameter is 3inches. Centrifugal Pump discharge pipe outlet diameter is 1.5inches, Length of Discharge Hose is 10 meters, There will be one piece- 4inchesValve and 6 meters- 4 inches water suction hose-with Centrifugal Pump, Water Pressure Hoses of the Rig is 3 inches in diameter and 2-wired metal pressed, 1 PCS foam pump will be added on the Rig

Hydraulic System; Total number of hydraulic lift on the rig is 11, Four piece leg-lifts for getting fixed and lifting up the rig, Mast pull up/down force, Mast eject lift, Mast locking lift, Pull Up/Down speed, Hydraulic jack(s), Accessories

Electric Power System; Number of 100 Kva Alternator will be on the Rig, 360 Amp Welding Machine will be mounted, Total Number of Lightning Projectors Control panel

Crown Block, Drill Line System, Deadline Anchor; Total Crown Block diameter, Total Crown Block Number, Lines Diameter, Total Length of Lines, Deadline anchor load rating,

Auxiltary Parts; Number of Manual Tong-1, Number of Hydraulic Tong-1, Number of Pipe-Vise-1, Number of Manual Hoisting Plug-1, Number of Pipe Slip-1, Drilling Sub ( 10 ½” – 12 ½” – 14 ½” – 17 ½”- 20” – 24” 26”) (Coupling Sleeve)

Truck; Brand new MAN/IVECO, Axle 8x4, Engine capacity 380 0r 420 hp